Timeless Design: A Competitive Advantage and Business Strategy

By Gabriel Nicolas Almanzar.

Published by The International Journal of Designed Objects

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Design is becoming an important tool in today’s business arena. The current environmental situation has inspired different alternatives to tackle the challenges presented by the unsustainable models used over the past hundred years. Designing long lasting products can help reduce this impact and change design business. The base for this research starts with the main hypothesis that products that last longer and have strong relationships with the users can be made through a conscious design process. With the help of case studies, user surveys, user interviews, and the existing research on emotional design, durable design and “Cradle-to-Cradle,” this research found some interesting insights and repetitive patterns in the way people perceive and relate to some products. The study findings gave way to propose strategies based on four main components (philosophy design, quality design, user needs design, and experience design) that might be key in the successful development of longer lasting products or “Timeless Designs.” This work suggests some helpful grounds to understand the relationship that exists between users and products. It also explores further possibilities of creating techniques that could help designers and design companies to reduce their environmental impact. This is possible through the use of good design practices. It also might aid researchers and organizations in further developing and/or improving in areas such as economic and industrial policies, user behavior studies, academic design curricula, and environmental solutions.

Keywords: Durable Design, Timeless Design, Design for Environment, Closed Loop Economy, Emotional Design, Design Strategies, Sustainability, Product Development, User-Product Relationship

The International Journal of Designed Objects, Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2015, pp.1-18. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 794.816KB).

Mr. Gabriel Nicolas Almanzar

Product Designer, Bangkok, Thailand